Post Con

I’m back! Con was a ton of fun, as they so often are, especially since Norwescon is at the center of several of the spheres of my past. I ran into someone from high school there this year. I also got to be on my best attended panels ever, thanks to Jim Butcher. In his later Q&A session, he answered a question about having anyone he fanboys as he himself in fanboy/girled, and I was put in mind of getting to sit and discuss things next to someone whose books I absolutely love. A great experience!

Someone was so very kind as to get a picture after one of my panels and post it. My Regency costume in action.

Now it’s back to the working world, and the writing grind. Today at work the LabPod gave me a scare by refusing to turn on. It’s more than five years old, and its battery lasts about thirty seconds without being plugged in anymore, but we keep it in the basement lab and listen to audiobooks through the stereo adapter while we catalog. It’s our friend! I was very glad that when I looked up the reset command it popped right back up. It’s sucking up the next Aubrey-Maturin book as we speak, ready for tomorrow. Adventure on the high seas, here we come!

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