Norwescon Schedule

I’ve been so busy getting ready for the con, I realized today that I’ve forgotten to post my schedule. This year, I’m on two panels:

Friday 11am Grand 3 Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror

Urban Fantasy has a darker side which depends heavily on horror tropes and often steps deeply into the dark side of fantasy. What elements show up commonly, what’s new or old here? Where and what is the borderline between urban fantasy and horror?

Kat Richardson, Jim Butcher, Rhiannon Held, Julie McGalliard

Saturday 11am Grand 2 Urban Fantasy’s Hard-Boiled Detective Roots

Current Urban Fantasy owes a lot to the American hard-boiled detective genre. We’ll discuss the ways in which urban fantasy draws from the detective genre and how you can integrate the best detective tropes when plotting your urban fantasy novel to good effect.

Kat Richardson, Mark Teppo, Jim Butcher, Shannon Butcher, Rhiannon Held

I also have a reading of one of my short stories on Sunday, 1:30pm in Cascade 3. C’mon by!

Norwescon was my first con, and now it’s my hometown one, so I always have a blast. If you’re around Seattle, you should stop by!

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