Story success!

I finished my short on schedule! A day early, in fact, but that’s because it came out only 4k. I tend to run short on my first drafts. Dunno why. Personality, I guess! It often seems that the writers I know more often run long.

Watched Mega-Python vs. Gateroid today with a friend. It was slightly different than the usual formula for such movies (all my friends are masochists, I swear! I only go along to provide snark to get them through) and immeasurably improved by who they decided to kill.

And now, I work on rewriting a scene, from the ground up, which was not quite as planned. The trouble with having two POVs so different that one can’t notice something the other would, is that when the action is rejiggered and relies on something being noticed at a certain time, you’re suddenly juggling POVs unexpectedly…

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