Death-Touched eARCs

The eARCs for Death-Touched are ready to go! I’m testing out a new service, Booksprout, so if you have that app or are interested in getting it, the ARC is available here.

Space permitting, it will also be going up on NetGalley next month through SFWA, but if you’re a reviewer, you can also contact me directly before then.

Are you behind? I am happy to provide copies of Wolfsbane (Book 4), for anyone who wants to catch up before reading the final book of the series.

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Death-Touched Companion Novella

The new Silver Universe novella is now available for purchase! While you’re waiting for DEATH-TOUCHED, I recommend you give Mistaken Captives a look, as it offers a peek at the initial events of the novel from the perspective of a couple of secondary characters (one of whom is an archaeologist!).

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When Faith showed up to work a gig as a server at a wedding dinner, she never expected to be kidnapped, much less to be faced with proof that werewolves are real. A mistaken identity has landed her squarely in the middle of a Were feud, the Russians against the Roanoke pack. Unless she uses all her diplomacy to rein in Laurence, the Were captured with her, the pair may be the first casualties…

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Death-Touched Pre-orders and Bonus Novella

Two exciting pieces of news!

Pre-orders for the DEATH-TOUCHED ebook are now live! The novel will be out March 27, 2018. See how the SILVER series ends…

Faced with the looming threat of the Russian pack, Silver and Andrew Dare plan to host an envoy at their wedding. The Russian alpha rejects diplomacy, however, and instead sends Mikhail, an elite assassin. Mikhail begins to ritually murder sub-alphas, leaving them to bleed to death from a thousand shallow cuts.

The Roanokes’ only leverage is Mikhail’s reverence for the Lady: he thinks She is reborn in Silver. Playing the Lady goes against all of Silver’s beliefs, but she yields to Mikhail’s invitation for her to join him in Russia. There, she hopes to wield the pretense of religious authority to depose the Russian alpha. Staying behind while Silver risks herself alone is more than Andrew can bear, but he must tread carefully to avoid triggering a pack war.

Still, if Silver can play the Lady, perhaps Andrew has a role as Death.

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If you are interested in the print edition, please sign up for my mailing list at the upper right, and you’ll receive a notice when that’s live!

Speaking of the mailing list: next month, I’ll be releasing a companion novella to DEATH-TOUCHED, which follows the beginning events of the novel from the perspective of some secondary characters. Newsletter subscribers will get a free copy! If you’d like yours, be sure to sign up!

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A Year of Writing 2017

As a scientist, I am deeply fond of data. I haven’t found word counts particularly represent my effort in any meaningful way, however (especially given the difficulties of calculating a word count to represent revised material), so this year I tried out a visual representation of what I worked on:

These are based on ranges, not a log of each day, so often within a section there will have been several days on which no writing happened due to the day job, choir rehearsals, etc., etc. The remaining holes are due to 1. wisdom tooth extraction, 2. who knows, I don’t recall, and 3. my vacation in Japan (and associated prep and recovery).

I also have more granular data than these (outlining was folded into revision or drafting depending on what it preceded, for example) as well as details of which projects each section was, but for now, I like the simple form. Maybe in 2018 I’ll branch into many colors!

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Cover Reveal: Silver 5

So you all have something to look forward to, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the cover for the fifth (and final) Silver book: Death-Touched.

Release is tentatively scheduled for spring 2018. If you’d like to get word when the preorder goes live, sign up for my mailing list, on the right!

And if you’d like my amazing cover designer to do one for you too, check her out at Kate Marshall Designs.

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Japan Photo Album

As is my want, when traveling to exciting locations, I’ve assembled an annotated photo album of my trip to Japan. Yes, there is a picture of Mt. Fuji. There are also many other pictures of random things that happened to interest me. Take a look here! (And be sure to scroll down for captions)

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Summer Sale 2017

Since it’s time for some beach readin’, I’m having a summer sale!

Wolfsbane is $1.99!


It’s the 4th book in the Silver series. Religious werewolves, snarky Death. The 5th (and final) book will be out Spring 2018, so if you’re a person who likes completed series, now’s a great time to catch up!

Barnes and Noble



Hound and Key is $0.99!

Held_HoundandKey_EbookAncient tales, magic, and questions of self-identity. When you inherit generations of other people’s memories (and magic) when do you stop being…you?

Barnes and Noble

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Norwescon 2017 Schedule

Yes, it’s that time of year, I have my schedule for Norwescon (my one and only con this year). If you’d like to come see me, stop by one of these panels or the autographing session. WOLFSBANE and HOUND AND KEY will be available at the con as well!


Shuffling Off the Mortal Coil
5:00pm – 6:00pm @ Cascade 10
Scott James Magner (M), Patrick Swenson, Rhiannon Held, Carol Berg

Worldbuilding: Alien Cultures that Don’t Dehumanize
8:00pm – 9:00pm @ Cascade 10
Liz Argall (M), Stephanie Weippert, K. M. Alexander, Rhiannon Held


Autograph Session 2
3:00pm – 4:00pm @ Grand 2


Urban Renewal
10:00am – 11:00am @ Cascade 3&4
Kristi Charish (M), K. M. Alexander, Rhiannon Held, Annie Bellet

Worldbuilding: This is How the World Ends
12:00pm – 1:00pm @ Cascade 10
Catherine Cooke Montrose (M), K. M. Alexander, Rhiannon Held, Jaym Gates

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2017: Year of Writing

I just updated my appearances list for 2017, and you may notice there aren’t many (Norwescon will be my only con for the year!). There’s a reason for that: I’ve decided to make 2017 my Year of Writing. The process of self-publishing projects is always a trade-off, as you switch your brain over to production and marketing mode. I decided that, rather than feeling like in focusing on one I was stinting on the other, I’d write (and revise and polish) as many projects as I humanly can this year. Then 2018 will be the Year of Publishing!

And for the fans who have written in to ask (thank you!), yes, one of the projects will be Silver 5. I finished the outline yesterday. I can’t say when it will end up coming out, but it will be some time in 2018.

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Holiday Sale 2016

It’s that time of year, time for holiday sales! I’ll admit it, I have one too. For the next month only, the WOLFSBANE and HOUND AND KEY ebooks are both only $1.99! Treat yourself, or treat someone as a gift! I hate to use the “less than the price of a latte” line…
But they’re less than the price of a latte! And unless you’re a speed demon of a reader (or someone who sips cooled coffee for hours) it’ll give you a much longer period of enjoyment!

Hound and Key: held_houndandkey_ebook-small
Barnes and Noble

Wolfsbane (Silver Series No. 4): HeldWolfsbaneEbookPreviewCrop
Barnes and Noble

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