A Year of Writing 2017

As a scientist, I am deeply fond of data. I haven’t found word counts particularly represent my effort in any meaningful way, however (especially given the difficulties of calculating a word count to represent revised material), so this year I tried out a visual representation of what I worked on:

These are based on ranges, not a log of each day, so often within a section there will have been several days on which no writing happened due to the day job, choir rehearsals, etc., etc. The remaining holes are due to 1. wisdom tooth extraction, 2. who knows, I don’t recall, and 3. my vacation in Japan (and associated prep and recovery).

I also have more granular data than these (outlining was folded into revision or drafting depending on what it preceded, for example) as well as details of which projects each section was, but for now, I like the simple form. Maybe in 2018 I’ll branch into many colors!

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