Hound and Key preorder live

It is here! Preorder is live on Hound and Key, my new character-focused contemporary fantasy coming September 6.

You can find the ebook at:
Barnes and Noble

And probably other places too. Unfortunately, I can’t do preorders for the print edition. However! I have added a handy-dandy newsletter sign up link to the right, and if you input your email there, you’ll get a newsletter when Hound and Key goes on sale in all formats.

In fact, why not sign up for the newsletter anyway! It will only come out about once or twice a year, when I have new books or stories available for you all.

Key has lived her entire life in captivity, forced to use her magic to kill the enemies of Ariadne, an ageless woman with powerful magic of her own. Key knows she and Ariadne are both members of the Hand of the Gods, five souls reborn through the ages, but Key remembers none of her past lives. She chafes against Ariadne’s control, and longs to escape to lead a life of her own.

Eric has worked for Ariadne for years in ignorance of her secrets, but now coincidences and bad luck are piling up. When he talks his way into the compound that houses Key and the other members of the Hand, he learns the truth about Ariadne’s magic—and the murders she’s committed with it. Together, Eric and Key escape and set out to find Lantern, the one member of the Hand Ariadne has never managed to capture—and who may know how to stop her for good.


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