Orycon 2015 Schedule

It’s that time again! Next weekend, come and stop by and see me at one of my panels at Orycon, in Portland. I’ll also have print copies of Wolfsbane with me!

My schedule:

Fri Nov 20 4:00:pm to 5:00:pm
Buy Your Unconscious Mind a Drink

How to get your creative mind to talk to you. How writing prompts, mind maps, creative dates with yourself, tarot and story telling cards can help you tap the muse.
Rhiannon Held, Jason Andrew, Bill Johnson, Kristin Landon, J. A. Pitts, Andrew S. Fuller

Sat Nov 21 10:00:am to 11:00:am
Mary Sue and why does everyone hate her?

Readers like a character they can connect with, so why not create the perfect character with everything going for him or her? Why do readers find that annoying? How can you tell if your character is a Mary Sue, and if it`s so bad to write a Mary Sue, what`s the alternative?
Rhiannon Held, Rob McMonigal, Alex C Renwick, (*)Barb Hendee, Richard A. Lovett

Sat Nov 21 12:00:pm to 1:00:pm
Backstory: Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

What to use, what to lose. Writing the details without having to explain every last one. How to earn the right for exposition in your fiction.
Judith R. Conly, James Patrick Kelly, SD Perry, (*)Rhiannon Held, Doug Odell

Sat Nov 21 3:00:pm to 4:00:pm
Fantasy Tropes and Cliches

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Which ones are overused, which ones are integral to the genre, and which ones are horrible, but we love them anyway.
Ann Gimpel, Alma Alexander, Rhiannon Held, (*)Amber D. Sistla, Barb Hendee

Sun Nov 22 12:00:pm to 1:00:pm
The Gender Talk

Is it really that hard to write someone of a different gender?
J. A. Pitts, (*)Sharon Joss, Rhiannon Held, Esther Jones, Dale Ivan Smith

Sun Nov 22 1:00:pm to 2:00:pm
The Paranormal as Metaphor

Is a vampire ever just a vampire?
(*)Jeff Davis, Laura Whitcomb, Stephen Couchman, Rhiannon Held, Kristi Charish

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