While I was off having a heck of a good time at Miscon this last weekend, someone asked me an excellent question: If I’m going to self-publish Book 4 in the Silver series, what’s the best way to find out when it comes out?

And I have an answer to that excellent question! I’ll announce it here and on social media, of course, but you also can join my newsletter mailing list!

The newsletter will not be spammy, I expect it to go out only once or twice a year. I’ll use it only to announce when I have new stories or novels available. I may set up a form if I get a lot of interest, but for now, if you’d like to be on the newsletter mailing list, please email contact(at) with “Newsletter: Silver universe” or “Newsletter: All writing” in the subject line. The two newsletters will be exactly what they say on the tin: one will only contain announcements about novels or stories in the Silver universe, the other will include all my writing.

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