Silver audiobook

In exciting news, my first novel, SILVER, is now out in audiobook! The others in the series will be following in the next few months. This is not your garden variety audiobook, either–it features a full cast of voices, sounds effects, and original music. If audiobooks are your thing, I urge you to check it out and then come back here and comment about what you think of the characters’ voices. Which ones most match what’s in your head if you’ve read the book before? Which ones are most different? I’m very curious if there’s a lot of agreement, or a lot of variety as to which voices match up for folks.

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6 Responses to Silver audiobook

  1. Mark Murata says:

    Saw you from a distance at Norwescon. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of you.

  2. Linda says:

    I looked around for the Silver audiobook but didn’t find it.

  3. mike reid says:

    I loved the audio book. awesome job

  4. Deepwinter says:

    I can’t find your books on the Graphic Audio Site, the link just re-directs back to the home page, it looks like its been removed.

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