Signings and Radcon

Two things to bring to your attention today. First off, I have readings! They’re also listed in the Appearances page, on the upper right there.

February 20, 7 pm, University Bookstore, Seattle
February 24, 7 pm, Powell’s Books Cedar Hills Crossing, Portland
March 7, 6:30 pm, Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, Seattle
April 26, 2-4 pm, Barnes & Noble, Kennewick (with Patricia Briggs)

Also, I’ll be attending Radcon, in Pasco, WA, coming up February 14-16.

Fri Feb 14 2:00:pm-3:00:pm
Decisions, Decisions

When to keep writing, when to pull the plug, when to let a work sit and when to edit it, when to listen to critiques, when to query, when to publish … writers have to make a lot of decisions. How professional writers approach the decision-making process, and how to keep hard decisions from interfering with the writing process. Good guys should not be boring, because they’re not in real life

Bara, Dave; Ceallaigh, Adriane; Held, Rhiannon; Nordley, Gerald David

Fri Feb 14 3:00:pm-4:30:pm
Formidable Female

What makes a woman protagonist a formidable woman?

Held, Rhiannon; Howe, Andrea; Johnson, Judy; Jones, Esther

Sat Feb 15 10:00:am-11:00:am
Real Science in Speculative Fiction

From urban fantasy or steam punk, do you have to think of the biology of demons or energy requirements of ray guns? Let’s talk about how that and things like historical research can contribute to fiction.

Held, Rhiannon; Johnson, Judy; Niemann-Ross, Mark; White, Lori

Sat Feb 15 5:30:pm-6:30:pm
Dull, realistic, characters.

The people who really explore space and fight modern wars have a lot of self control. They don’t slam fists into spacecraft controls like Hulk Hogan. Do you have to forget about them in fiction, or can you make them interesting. And if your protagonist is like that do you just have to accept that critics will complain and press on in hopes of finding an audience that appreciates a little verisimilitude.

Fredericks, Deby; Held, Rhiannon; Kehrli, Keffy; Magner, Scott James; Tayler, Howard

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