Worlcon Signing

Worldcon in San Antonio is nearly upon us, and people are starting to put up their schedules. If anyone’s going to be at the con and wants to come say hello or get a book signed, I’ll be at the SFWA table in the dealer’s room signing autographs at 10 am on Sunday, September 1!

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2 Responses to Worlcon Signing

  1. Mark Murata says:

    I saw you at a distance at Worldcon, but I’m not enough of a nerd to go running after an author just to say hi.

    On a different subject, I remember you like the show Face Off. Have you ever seen the show after it, Heroes of Cosplay? At first I thought it would be dumb, but I find it compelling. Perhaps because they are trying to break into the world of professional cosplay, and I’m trying to break into the world of professional writing.

    • Rhiannon says:

      Hi! I haven’t tried Heroes of Cosplay yet. I’ll admit, it’s a little bit because I get tired of seeing costuming (which I do) lumped by the ignorant with cosplay (which is awesome, but not my cup of tea) and I was worried the show might do some of that. I should give it a try, though.

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