Story and snowshoeing

I’ve been so busy on the writing front lately (I have book 2 revisions and book 1 page proofs, or galleys or whatever you want to call them, to do at the same time) I forgot to announce here: my new short story is up at Redstone Science Fiction. You can also visit it at the link to the right. It’s a great magazine, so I urge you to look around at the other stories too.

I took a little time off at least from finding my own typos (argh!) to go snowshoeing for the first time. It was a ton of fun, and I was impressed how small modern snowshoes are compared to historical ones. I stomped all around up at Snoqualmie pass and even managed a light sunburn due to the altitude.

And yes, my feet are small enough cinching is required to a degree clearly not envisioned by the designer. The snowshoes fit fine, but the strap ends needed some serious tucking.

Also? So scenic it HURTS.

(And infested with bunnies.)

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