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If you’re wondering about the title, it’s an answer to “Where do ideas come from?” Probably a more realistic answer, at least for my process, is that when two ideas really love each other…

I have two short stories vying for my attention at the moment (and of course, the second book to be working on…bad Rhiannon!). Today was mostly spent sorting all my financial paperwork because after I found the statement I needed for work, the messy pile remaining offended my sensibilities, and that doesn’t really make for riveting blogging. Thus, a window into where ideas come from:

Short story idea the first was born of seeing this call for an anthology, and the thought “and who would keep the statistics for the census bureau?” I may write that first, since it feels shorter in my head.

The second was born of visiting the racetrack for the first time a few weekends ago. I took pictures, but then I realized that for anyone not using them to evoke memories as I was, they’d just be pictures of horsies in the distance. There are better ones on the internets. Still, I had a blast, and it got me thinking: how well would my werewolves (given an enhanced sense of smell) do at the track?

Who knows, maybe I’ll sell them and then you’ll get to see how the germ of the idea turned out!

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